Welcome to the INSITE’s Toolkit, your one stop shop for the best low or no cost digital tools for your cultural heritage project. We have summarised the main features and benefits for each tool, so you can quickly review and choose the one of most interest to your particular project.

Sophisticated technology is increasingly becoming available to people without extensive coding or digital skills. These tools have been selected as the most user friendly products available and we include links to step by step guides in video and text formats so you can learn and implement them as quickly as possible.

The tools we are introducing will help you to develop new digital products that will increase your impact as well as communicating with new audiences. They can give your businesses and organisations a more appealing profile that makes you more sustainable in a world where technology is completely embedded and embraced in every aspect of our lives.

The types of projects this toolkit can enable you to develop include virtual reality, augmented reality, digital heritage games, digital tours, podcasts and videos. If you have a story to tell there is a low or no cost tool here that will help you to tell it and sell it digitally.

To view the Toolkit at a time and place that suits your needs, simply download below or view online below: