With a rapidly evolving digital world which permeates the lives of almost every age group, digital technology training for innovative approaches to cultural heritage development has never been more vital. The Insites open educational resources offer you a progressive cultural heritage tourism training pack which explores the powerful potential of digital technology to grow cultural heritage tourism in Europe. It is aimed at cultural heritage custodians who would like to learn more about digital immersive experiences in the heritage sector and how to develop them.

This Insites suite of free resources provides you with learning outcomes that will be applicable to small tourism businesses, heritage community groups, custodians of a heritage site, cultural heritage professionals in the museum sector and tourism students. When used with the other Insites resources, digital heritage case studies and the digital toolkit, it offers an extensive skills framework to support the growth of immersive digital experiences in the cultural heritage sector.

Based on a Powerpoint format to give you maximum flexibilty, the resources can be freely downloaded and used as a seven module course full of multimedia, interactive content. The modules can also be adapted to the needs of any group of trainees and each one can be used independently. They will work equally well in a classroom setting, in a blended learning environment or simply as enriched digital teaching aids.

In module 1 – An Introduction to Digital Heritage

Learners are provided with an overview of immersive experiences and cultural tourism

audiences they can build on in the rest of the course. They will learn about the changes in cultural heritage audiences, about the key areas and potential for digitisation in their sector.

In module 2 – Overcoming the Barriers to Digitization of your Cultural Heritage Experience

We analyse the typical barriers that cultural heritage organisations face when implementing digital change and offer some potential solutions that can get you started on the path of digital innovation.

In module 3 – Introduction to Immersive Tourism Experiences

Learners will find the main building blocks of immersive tourism experiences, both technological and creative. They are supported with tools and exercises that will show them the path to building their own experience.

In module 4 – Understanding Immersive Tourism Audiences

Outlines the characteristics of cultural heritage tourism audiences, particularly younger audiences. It provides learners with the tools to understand and engage their own customers on a deeper level.

In module 5 – Developing and Marketing your Digital Cultural Heritage Immersive Experience

The focus is on digital marketing with an emphasis on digital storytelling and user generated content marketing. It explains how to develop an effective digital storytelling approach, media analysis and media strategy.

In module 6 – Collaborating with others to protect, preserve and promote Cultural Heritage at Destination level

Offers an analysis of the key categories of collaborators for a digital cultural heritage project and the main things to consider while developing digital cultural experiences, with four critical steps in designing a partnership.

In module 7 – Bringing it all together

Provides a practical exercise of building a “Digital Cultural Heritage Immersive Action Plan” with a template resource for learners to design their immersive cultural tourism experience based on what they have learned, and make it actionable.